CPT Code for Dexa Scan

The coding system used to identify a full range of medical procedures and treatments can seem very complicated to those who have little experience dealing with such matters. Finding the CPT code for DEXA scan procedures and related treatments can be essential during treatment and billing of a patient. Understanding the system is often the best way to begin.

Several institutions and different organisations are often required in order to perform patient care. Ensuring that communications issues are less likely to interfere with the process if of paramount concern. The coding used during billing and the creation of medical records is a very important resource for healthcare providers.

Records that contain accurate information and that can be easily accessed at any point in the future can be an invaluable resource. The use of a coding system can do much to reduce the risk of mistakes and oversights on the part of care providers and professionals. Superior tools and procedures are required in order to ensure patients receive quality care.

Resources that detail various codes and describe the medications and procedures they are associated with often need to be referenced at several steps in the billing process. Many organisations and facilities involved in the care and treatment of patients make use of such codes. Accuracy is of the utmost concern when it comes to medical records.

Finding the reference and educational materials that will allow you to better understanding the coding procedures can be easier than you might have expected. Healthcare professionals would be wise to seek out a more complete understanding of how this coding system works. Lacking better information can quickly become a major liability.

Codes used during the billing and documentation of medical records often seem like a complicated affair. Access to resources that will allow you to better understand this subject could make a real difference. For those who work within the healthcare industry, understanding medical coding can be of the utmost concern.

In the example below, CPT code for Dexa Scan.


CPT 77080 for the axial skeleton. (Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), bone density study, 1 or more

sites; axial skeleton (eg, hips, pelvis, spine)

CPT 77081 for the appendicular skeleton. (. . . appendicular skeleton (peripheral) (eg, radius, wrist, heel))