CPT Code for CT Abdomen and Pelvis

Correctly documenting scanning and imaging procedures used to diagnose a range of ailments and conditions is an essential effort when creating medical records. The CPT code for CT abdomen and pelvis scans can provide a more accurate way to document care and treatment. Learning about the coding systems used by the healthcare industry may be an important undertaking.

Medical imaging often makes use of a wide range of equipment and procedures. Inaccurately documenting any steps made during the care and treatment of a patient can create serious problems. Coding offers a way for medical professionals to ensure documents can be created accurately and be understood more easily.

Medical professionals who lack access to the right information are far more likely to make mistakes that can put the health and welfare of their patients at risk. Ensuring patients are given the best possible care and treatment available is never a matter to be taken lightly. Coding provides an easier way to ensure records can be kept accurate.

Making sure that the documents needed to bill patients and insurance companies are free of errors is another important concern. Without the means to differentiate between imaging and diagnostic procedures that may be similar in name or nature, many mistakes might be made. Accurate billing is one concern few facilities and organisations can afford to discount.

References needed to make use of medical coding are often a key resource for industry professionals. Learning what you need to in order to understand medical bills, patient records and other important documents can often be done more easily than you might expect. Medical coding is often very easy to understand with the right educational resources.

Codes used to specify diagnostic care and procedures often seems quite complicated for those who have little to no experience in such matters. Inaccuracies and mistakes made in the creation of any medical records can become a major issue. Coding provides many advantages for industry professionals.

In the example below, CPT code for CT Scan Abdomen and CT Scan Pelvis

CT Abdomen w/o contrast CPT 74150
CT Abdomen with contrast CPT 74160
CT Abdomen with & w/o contrast CPT 74170
CT Pelvis w/o contrast CPT 72192
CT Pelvis with contrast CPT 72193
CT Pelvis with & w/o contrast CPT 72194
CT Angiogram Abdomen with & w/o contrast CPT 74175
CT Angiogram Pelvis with & w/o contrast CPT 72191