CPT Code for Circumcision

Circumcision is an activity that has been practiced for many decades and centuries. With the increase in the number of individuals to be circumcised, it became very difficult to identify people who had undergone the ritual. This led to the invention and generation of the CPT Code for Circumcision. Since its invention, the code has been used in many areas where circumcision is done such as in hospitals and other health facilities. This is a special kind of parameter that many physicians use when circumcising newborns.

There are many aspects that this sign is meant to outline. One aspect is the kind of surgical equipment should be used in the course of foreskin removal. As a matter of fact, it is vivid and evident that the manner in which initiation is carried out can differ among various individuals due to various aspects such as penis length and patient health conditions. It is for this reason that the special initiation coding was developed so as to give a proper and clear explanation on what surgical equipment should be used.

This is a coding that is also meant to elaborate on the kind of initiation people of a certain age bracket should undergo. In the case of newborns, the coding determined how a child of less than twenty eight years should be circumcised.

The coding is also meant to outline the procedure or steps to be followed during the fore skin removal. These are procedures that must be precisely and accurately followed for the surgical process to be a success.

Generally, it is evident that hospitals are the main areas where such a coding is utilized. It serves as a good way to maintain database records for their patients. This is therefore a system that should be highly embraced and utilized for its efficiency.

In the example below, CPT code for Circumcision:

CPT 54150 Circumcision, using clamp or other device with regional dorsal penile or ring
CPT 54160 Circumcision, surgical excision other than clamp, device, or dorsal slit; neonate
(28 days or less)
CPT 54161 Circumcision, surgical excision other than clamp, device, or dorsal slit; older than
28 days of age.
CPT 54162 Lysis or excision of penile post-circumcision adhesions
CPT 54163 Repair incomplete circumcision
CPT 54450 Foreskin manipulation including lysis of preputial adhesions and stretching