CPT Code for Carotid Ultrasound

Each person has two carotid arteries. They are located on each side of the neck. If blockage is suspected ultrasound testing may be done. The billing is done using CPT Code for Carotid Ultrasound to identify the procedure.

These two arteries are of major importance because they carry blood to the brain, face, scalp and neck. If plaque, a waxy substance, builds up in these arteries, the blood flow is impeded. Knowing about the existence of plaque will assist the doctor in prescribing treatment.

Plaque can build up, harden and sometimes rupture. In the case of a rupture, a blood clot may flow through directly to the brain. This can cause a stroke or death.

Medical billing for this and other procedures may be complicated. A coding system, called the CPT code is used to identify one test from another. This makes it clear to the insured and their insurance company what the bill covers.

The American Medical Association oversees the use of the coding system. Three times a year a panel meets to discuss old problems and new innovations. Anyone may attend these meetings.

The system is used when communicating with private insurance companies. It is also applied when billing for Medicare patients. As you may know, Medicare only pays eighty-percent of the total cost of medical procedures.

There are subscriptions sold which entitle members to use the Knowledge Database to gain knowledge about the procedures. Each AMA member receives it free for one year. This includes four questions submitted and answered electronically.

Paying subscribers also use these two services. They buy a subscription based on the size of the organization they represent. This enables them to ask questions as needed rather than being limited to four.

There are two carotid ultrasound tests. The standard version shows the structure of these arteries. The Doppler version reveals the movement of blood through these major blood vessels in the neck.

In the example below, CPT code for Carotid Ultrasound:

CPT 93880 bilateral (Carotid)
CPT 93882 unilateral