CPT Code for Acupuncture

CPT includes the Current Procedural Terminology coding that is used to describe the specific treatment that is administered in the medical field. These codes represent specific techniques including management processes for therapy and supplies. The CPT code for acupuncture is specific and limited to the profession providing the necessary data with regards to evaluation and procedure in the industry.

According to the relevant codes, every procedure will include these sequences including evaluation and management. The purpose of such coding is to provide the insurance companies with the necessary billing information based on the methods that are implemented. The specific codes are used by an acupuncturist once every three years after which a re-evaluation will be needed for application.

Once a patient is re-examined a new set of codes will be required in the evaluation and management process. The coding is required in the re-evaluation of patients on a routine basis that includes adherence to three criteria for effective patient billing regarding procedure and treatment plans. Only two criteria will have to be met in order to bill for a particular code.

There are specific medical management descriptions and definitions that are provided for these codes. Initial treatments including a physical examination and the use of acupuncture therapy will require specific codes in comparison to an acupuncturist simply evaluating the condition patients may be suffering from. While codes other than evaluation and management exist, an insurance company may not reimburse an acupuncturist for these.

The management processes consist of taking patient medical history, a thorough examination, and plan for treatment. Most of the treatments that are developed will be assigned specific codes with procedure involving one sequence while the use of objects will require a different sequence. Such processes are needed for billing purposes to ensure that acupuncturists are reimbursed for the particular therapy that is implemented.

n the example below, CPT code for Acupuncturist

CPT Codes
99201-205 Initial Office Consultation (not treatment)
99211-215 Review Office Consultation (not treatment)
97810 Acupuncture without Electrical Stimulation – 15 minutes
97811 Acupuncture without Electrical Stimulation – Additional 15 mins
97813 Acupuncture with Electrical Stimulation – 15 Minutes
97814 Acupuncture with Electrical Stimulation – Additional 15 Minutes