CPT Code for Abdominal Ultrasound

When it is time to bill an individual or their insurer for a procedure, a code relating to that procedure may have a specific code name or number that identifies it. The American Medical Association is the source for the medical nomenclature used for that purpose. One CPT Code for Abdominal Ultrasound would be used for billing purposes, for example.

A medical practice can make use of products to guide the practitioners and their staff in the use of these procedural identifiers for billing private insurance companies. There is a CPT Editorial Panel that has jurisdiction over maintaining these matters. They meet three time per year.

New technologies are explored and discussed. Anyone interested may attend these meetings. Any difficulties that occur are talked about and solutions may be found immediately or at a later date.

Practitioners may turn to the AMA for help. There is a CPT Network, which is a database of questions and clinical examples. The purpose is to help with billing to ensure the proper reimbursement is made.

It also makes possible the exploration of information relating to Medicare and the payments as they pertain to coding. Medicare pays eighty-percent of the total of any approved procedures. This would include ultrasound as well as other procedures.

Another service offered is the monthly newsletter that is distributed. This will keep you informed of new innovations. It may also answer questions that would enhance the business end of any medical practice, whether doctors office or hospital administrators.

You can join and a number of packages are available to fit the needs of any size practice. Members of the AMA are given a one-year subscription to the CPT Network. This provides not only access to the Knowledge Base, but, in addition, six electronic inquiries are included free of charge.

All subscriptions include answers to general questions about the system. It is a convenience for any billing department or office manager. You will be able to consult the Knowledge Base at any time.

In the example below, CPT code for Abdominal Ultrasound:

Abdomen soft tissue 76705

Abdominal (upper) 76700

Abdominal Complete 76700,76770

Abdominal Ltd. 76705

Aorta/Iliac ultrasound 93978

Aorta/Iliac ultrasound (limited) 93979

Bladder w/ PVR 76775

Biophysical Profile 76819

Breast (unilateral or bilateral) 76645

Carotid 93880

Duplex arterial lower ext. bilateral 93925,93923

Duplex arterial lower ext. unilateral 93926,93923

Duplex arterial upper ext. unilateral 93931,93923

Duplex arterial upper ext. bilateral 93930,93923

Echocardiogram complete (adult) 93306

Echocardiogram complete (child) 93303,93320,93325

Extremity non-vascular (soft tissue) 76880

Face, head, or neck (soft tissue) 76536

Intracranial 76506

Kidneys 76770

Mesenteric Arteries 93975

Pelvic Complete 76856

Pelvic Complete w/ transvaginal 76856,76830

Pregnant Uterus (<14 wks) 76801

Pregnant Uterus (>14 wks) 76805

Renal Artery Complete 76770,93975

Testicle/Scrotum complete 76870,93975

Thyroid 76536

Transcranial Doppler 93886

Transvaginal pregnant uterus 76817

Venous (lower or upper) bilateral 93970

Venous (lower or upper) unilateral 93971