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The healthcare industry is developing at faster rate. Especially with the technological advancements, you can certainly see a lot of growth in the medical industry. The coding system has brought in a major change on the medical front. Like for instance, the cpt codes are a complete boon for the medical association. If you wish to get a cpt code […]


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CPT Code for Dexa Scan

The coding system used to identify a full range of medical procedures and treatments can seem very complicated to those who have little experience dealing with such matters. Finding the CPT code for DEXA scan procedures and related treatments can be essential during treatment and billing of a patient. Understanding the system is often the best way to begin. Several […]


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CPT Code for Carotid Doppler

The records and documents used in cardiovascular care can seem difficult to understand for those who lack insight into the coding used when creating medical records. The CPT code for carotid doppler procedures is used to ensure more accurate and specific communication between facilities and care providers. Medical billing also makes use of these codes. Small mistakes and inaccuracies when […]


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CPT Code for Circumcision

Circumcision is an activity that has been practiced for many decades and centuries. With the increase in the number of individuals to be circumcised, it became very difficult to identify people who had undergone the ritual. This led to the invention and generation of the CPT Code for Circumcision. Since its invention, the code has been used in many areas […]


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CPT Code for Cryotherapy

With the wide range of codes available, it proves incredibly difficult to identify and decipher the relevant data for your practice. The field of dermatology includes a number of procedures with one of the most common being the removal of warts, requiring specific coding. The CPT code for cryotherapy will depend on the treatment that is to be conducted and […]


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CPT Code for CT Abdomen and Pelvis

Correctly documenting scanning and imaging procedures used to diagnose a range of ailments and conditions is an essential effort when creating medical records. The CPT code for CT abdomen and pelvis scans can provide a more accurate way to document care and treatment. Learning about the coding systems used by the healthcare industry may be an important undertaking. Medical imaging […]


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